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Low price, great quality, low milleage, reliable cars with multiple extra and excellent service at the main airports. This is how YES rent a car has made its respectable image. Rent a car in Sofia , Varna , Plovdiv or Burgas and explore all the beauty of Bulgaria, Greece, FYROM, Serbia and Romania.

We guarantee best rates, new and clean vehicles, worry-free ride with our assitance!

YES rent-a-car is open 24/7 for your business journey or vacation in Bulgaria.

SUV rent from Yes rent a car Bulgaria - let the adventure begin

SUV rent refers to a short or long-term booking of a vehicle that blends road-going passenger car components with some features of off-road wheels.

A reliable SUV rent will provide you with a four-wheel-drive experience suitable for both the urban environment and the breathtaking off-beat places of Bulgaria.

What are the advantages, terms, and requirements that concern the SUV rent service of Yes rent a car? Let us tell you a bit more about it.

SUV rent - advantages and opportunities

suv rent 1
suv rent - Check our offers!

A dependable mobility service provider will let you roam and explore freely, as Bulgaria has a lot to offer for adventurers and nature connoisseurs.

The raised ground clearance and robust performance of our SUV rent vehicles will guide you to the countryside, the pristine seacoast, the majestic mountains, and the exceptional off-beat gems that await at every corner around the country.

What's more - with our SUV rent, you will be free to leave the borders of Bulgaria and reach bordering destinations such as Greece, Romania, Serbia, and North Macedonia, for a budget-friendly additional fee.

The fundamental advantages of a licensed SUV rent are independence, flexibility, perfect safety, and exceptional comfort for you, your friends, colleagues, family, and friends - wherever you need to go, whenever you need to come back.

SUV rent - flexibility and adeptness

suv rent 2
suv rent - YES Rent-a-car

In order to guarantee the most convenient experience for our customers, we devised a flexible SUV rent assistance with various additional opportunities, including:

  • Flexible SUV rent locations for vehicle pick-up and drop-off in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, and Burgas.
  • One-way SUV rent from Sofia to Varna or from Varna to Sofia.
  • Professional SUV rent transfers from Sofia and Varna to a chosen city or a tourist destination in Bulgaria and the Balkans.
  • SUV rent added extras pack, including child car seats, GPS navigation systems, Wi-Fi modems, etc.
  • 24/7 SUV rent support, including in case of a road accident or vehicle malfunction.

What do you need? Where exactly do you need it? When do you need it to be available? Reach out to our team and let us guide you through the process of choosing, booking, and making the most of your local SUV rent when in Bulgaria.

SUV rent basic requirements

According to the user-friendly general terms of Yes rent a car Bulgaria, all you need to do before booking an SUV rent is:

  • Be at least 18 years or older and own a driving license for one to three years, depending on the type of vehicle.
  • Provide a legal identity card or passport prior to booking an SUV rent.
  • Provide a valid credit card, including VISA, Mastercard, or Eurocard.
  • Be aware of the general terms and conditions for the service, published on our website.

If you need any type of extended assistance regarding the SUV rent service or any other service by Yes rent a car, you can reach out to our team 24/7 and let us answer your questions.

SUV rent from Yes rent a car Bulgaria - let the adventure begin

SUV rent - advantages and opportunities

SUV rent - flexibility and adeptness

SUV rent basic requirements