Tips for Safety When Renting a Car in Bulgaria
When you choose to rent a car as your preferred method for traveling around Bulgaria, you’ll have to mind some basics. As always, being well-prepared is a good first step towards staying on the safe side and keeping your user satisfaction as high as intended. Our list of behind-the-curtain tips includes both customer-client relations and move-around essentials, presupposed by local culture. So - sit back and scroll through our brief safety guide for renting a car.

Stay Engaged in the Process of Renting a Car

Tips for Safety When Renting a Car in Bulgaria 1
Tips for Safety When Renting a Car in Bulgaria
If you want to rent a car, Bulgaria will have tens and hundreds of alternatives for you to choose from. The first and foremost safety measure is trusting a reliable provider with real-life positive feedback and clearly stated general terms and conditions. If you notice that essential information about prices, fees, and procedures is missing on the company’s website, you better look for another alternative, and you better do it right away. Some extra suggestions to stay away from trouble include:
  • Make sure you understand the liability distribution for different accidents and the insurance terms of the provider.
  • Read through your contract for renting a car very carefully, and do not put your signature on anything that you don’t get the meaning of.
  • Check all parts of the vehicle at the pick-up location, and if you notice any scratches, damages, or malfunctions, ask for written confirmation that you got the car that way.
  • Check if your spare tire is properly inflated, if the fluid levels are ok and if all vehicle electronics are functioning well before accepting the car.
  • Ask your provider for additional safety accessories - winter chains, child seats, boosters, etc. They are charged separately, so at Yes rent a car you can see the final price being recalculated live – with no surprises and no unexpected fees.
Remember - asking all of your questions is important, and making assumptions is not always a winning strategy. So, communicate openly, and make the process of renting a car as detail-oriented as possible.

Mind The Local Specifics When Moving Around

Tips for Safety When Renting a Car in Bulgaria 2
Tips for Safety When Renting a Car in Bulgaria - Yes Rent A Car
Like every other place on Earth, Bulgaria has its written and unwritten road traffic rules. And as your driving license proves that you’re aware of the written ones, we’re about to unveil some extra secrets.
  • Always bring a torch along, as some parking lots might not have enough light, and you can scratch the car while trying to unlock it. The same goes for city outskirts, semi-urban areas, and roads off the beaten track.
  • If you can afford it, always prefer guarded parking lots to random spots on the street, especially in Sofia. Unfortunately, some locals have the weird concept of imaginary parking spot ownership, which can be bad news for you and your rented car.
  • In Bulgaria, headlight flashing usually means that the other driver warns you about road traffic police ahead. Hopefully, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Anyway, if someone flashes a headlight while behind you, it can mean that they want to overtake you or that your trunk is open.
  • Do not engage in casual arrangements with other participants in road traffic accidents. They will often offer out-of-the-record solutions against your car rental contract and can get you into trouble.
Finally, keep in mind that Bulgarian drivers can get quite temperamental, and don’t get it too personally if you hear way too many car horns on your way throughout the city. Usually, it just means that you mind the speed limit rules, which is great for you!