Cool Places to Visit With a Rental Car in Bulgaria
Bulgaria might be small in size, but it is abundant in fascinating natural phenomena and amazing sightseeing spots. The best part about most of them is that they are not off the beaten track and can be easily reached with a standard rental car. In case you’ve been looking for a unique experience within an hour or two from the capital, you can consider driving your rented car to any of the spots we’ve gathered for you in the list below!

#1 Kopitoto

Literally translated as “The Hoof”, this is probably the most famous spot to have a bird sight above the capital of Bulgaria. It is located at the foot of the Vitosha mountain - on a 186-meter tall rock, reinforced with concrete in order to host a large TV tower. Kopitoto will offer you a beautiful panoramic view and is especially delightful to visit at night when you’ll be able to see the city lights of Sofia as if the palm of your hand.

#2 Lake Pancharevo

Pancharevo is an artificial lake with a rather tangible gorgeousness just 15 kilometers away from Sofia with your rental car. Its scenic location lies between two mountains - Vitosha and Lozenska - and it provides the perfect conditions for a laidback outdoor picnic near the city. The lake is 3 kilometers long, up to 700 meters wide at some spots, and it reaches a maximum depth of 30 meters. It is surrounded by lush natural greenery and you can see many couples and families strolling around it on a beautiful sunny day.

#3 Vitosha Mountain

Cool Places to Visit With a Rental Car in Bulgaria 1
Cool Places to Visit With a Rental Car in Bulgaria
Sofia is blessed with a close proximity to a beautiful source of fresh air, tranquil wilderness, and stunning natural sites. Gladly, you can reach many parts of the Vitosha mountain with a rental car, including:
  • The Aleko and Boeritsa Huts
  • The Bells Monumental site
  • The Golden Bridges
  • The Dragalevtsi Horseback Riding base, etc.
Keep in mind that you can access the Vitosha mountain with a rental car only before 9 AM an after 3 PM, since some restrictions apply for the road traffic.

#4 Lakatnik

Lakatnik is a small and scenic village about 70 kilometers away from Sofia. It is most popular for the spectacular panoramic cliffs that surround it, bending to the flow of the Iskar River. There are literally hundreds of sightseeing spots near the village, as well as deep virgin forests, curious rock formations, and many caves and gorges with direct access. If you keep the route near the Iskar River, you will be able to see tens of different tourist sites, including the Cherepashki monastery, The Seven Thrones monastery, and the stunning Prohodna cave that looks like two giant eyes carved in the solid rocks.

#5 And So Much More!

Cool Places to Visit With a Rental Car in Bulgaria 2
Cool Places to Visit With a Rental Car in Bulgaria - Yes Rent A Car
If you’re taking your rental car for a further trip around the marvels of Bulgaria, you will also want to check out some gems like:
  • The Belogradchik Rocks
  • The Krushuna Waterfalls
  • The Tsarevets Fortress
  • The Rose Valley
  • The Devil’s Bridge
  • The Ancient towns of Plovdiv and Sozopol
  • The place where Veleka river meets the Black Sea
  • And hundreds of more!
Because finding a reliable rent a car Bulgaria company is the first step of your trip. All the rest is about finding Bulgaria itself!